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Mother Ellen Marie McCauley’s Family visits Maris Stella!

Still to this day the Sisters of Charity are so very grateful to Mother Ellen Marie McCauley, the Mother Superior who purchased Maris Stella in 1959 as a Vacation place for the Sisters. She was a woman of vision for that time! Prior to owning Maris Stella, it was unheard of for Sisters to go on vacation because there was no place for the Sisters to go that offered private recreation at the beach. Maris Stella was and still is the perfect place!

On August 27th Mother Ellen Marie’s family arrived at Maris Stella for the first time to visit her legacy. “McCauley” is an efficiency apartment at Maris Stella named in honor of Mother Ellen Marie. Pictured are her adult Great Grandnieces and Grand Nephew and her younger Great Great Grand Niece and Nephew. Also pictured are Sisters of Charity: Sisters Mary Morley and Pat Dotzauer, the Administrator and Assistant Administrator of Maris Stella, and Sisters vacationing at Maris Stella in McCauley. The family made the trip from New York and rejoiced in the opportunity to see first hand the beauty of Maris Stella and learn from the Sisters more about their beloved “Auntie Ellen”!

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